C2G has all the solutions for your laptop's connectivity.
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Prepared to connect to any display

You might imagine that brand new laptop or Chromebook you are gifting to be put to use in presentations or collaborating, but not all classrooms or offices are set up for all connectors. This is where C2G comes in with the right adapters and cables to ensure your student or yourself is ready to present or project for any connectivity situation.

Adapt To Any Connector

Don't let a lack of ports on your laptop keep you from excelling in the classroom or office. C2G adapters can help you connect your laptop with other computers, HDTVs, and projectors. We recommend having a few or buying one of our kits to keep in your laptop bag.

Use this USB-C to VGA adapter to transfer video content to a projector while charging a USB-C laptop

Connect a USB-C Laptop with a projector or monitor

Use this USB-C to VGA adapter to transfer video content to a projector while charging a USB-C Chromebook

Designed to support Apple® MacBook® laptops connect with HDMI and VGA devices

Designed to support the Chromebook Pixel to connect with HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, or USB-A devices

Designed to support Microsoft Surface laptops connect with HDMI, VGA or Ethernet devices

Designed to support USB-C enabled laptops and Chromebooks to connect with older HDMI, VGA, USB-A devices

Deliver audio, video, data, and power

Share an audio/video signal from your laptop to an HDMI enable display, such as a projector, or HDTV. Ideal for sharing a PowerPoint presentations or streaming HD content on a larger screen. Or deliver 4k video, data, and power for Thunderbolt enabled devices.

Share video and audio signal from a laptop or Chromebook to a display

Designed for installations in tight spaces—connect your gaming system in a media cabinet or closet

Thunderbolt 3
Thunderbolt 3
up to 6ft

Deliver 4K video, data, and power between 2 Thunderbolt enabled laptops or Chromebooks

Need help finding your connector? Please contact us or use our connector guides to help!