Connectivity Article & Resource Library

Learn about emerging technologies and markets through insightful connectivity articles & cabling case studies.

Analog Sunset

The analog sunset has begun, and it will impact how every audio/video connection is made today & tomorrow.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Read Application Case Studies, Market Case Studies, & Testimonials from C2G customers.

Creating The Connected Classroom

Learn more about Best Practices in Classrom A/V Technology, Wireless Connectivity, & Classroom A/V Control.

Data Center Technology

Read more on Intro To Data Centers, the Emerging Standards of networking, & brush up on your Fiber Basics.

Designing A Digital Signage Solution

To design the perfect Digital Signage Solution, learn the 101 basics, Infrastructure, & FAQs of Digital Signage.

Discover USB 3.1 & USB Type-C

USB 3.1 has the potential to revolutionize the world of connectivity.

Emerging Desktop Connectivity Technology

Learn more on the Emerging Connectivity Technologies, Wired vs. Wireless, & Digital vs. Analog signals.

Emerging Tech That Will Shape the Next 5 Years

Learn about how HDMI, HDBaseT, DisplayPort and USB will shape the world of connectivity for the next 5 years.

Signal Extension & Control

Read an Introduction to Signal Distribution and Control & how to Select a Classroom Control Solution.

Standards, Specifications, & Certifications

Introduce yourself to Standards Specs and Certifications, apply these principles, & read up on TAA Compliance.

Understanding Tech Lingo

MHL? HDCP? DisplayPort? Learn the latest tech lingo to become a connectivity expert.

White Papers

Learn more about connectivity with white papers from certified experts.