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Added Mobility & Convenience for USB Devices

In this video you will learn how to extend the length of a USB cable. USB is the standard way to connect many peripheral devices such as smartphones, printers, digital cameras, and external hard drives. The solutions provided in this video will enable you to extend your USB cable for ease of use within your work space.

C2G has a line of products that overcome length limitations and extend the reach of your USB devices. The first solution demonstrated is a standard USB extension cable. This product allows you to extend the cable up to 10 feet. For solutions that require a greater distance, C2G offers a wide variety of extension cables with center booster or active extension technology. These solutions transmit the signal up to 118 feet.

Please note that all of the solutions are applicable to any existing USB device.

To shop the products featured in this video, please visit the links below or contact us if you have any questions.

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