How To Adapt Your Chromebook

Adapter Solutions To Get Your Chromebook Connected


Chromebooks have two major connectors: HDMI and USB. In this video you'll learn how to easily adapt the HDMI video output of a Chromebook to connect to a computer monitor or TV for displaying audio/video signals. We also show you how to use the USB connection on your Chromebook to connect to serial devices, a network or multiple USB devices using a USB hub.

C2G offers HDMI to VGA adapters and HDMI to DVI adapters for connecting the HDMI output of your Chromebook to the VGA or DVI input on a television or computer monitor. We also offer USB to Serial adapters for connecting a serial device to a USB port on your Chromebook. Adapters include USB to DB9 RS232 and USB to DB25 Serial RS232. C2G has three USB to Gigabit Ethernet adapters for converting a USB port on your Chromebook to a network connection for Internet access. Lastly, C2G offers 2-port, 4-port, and 7-port USB hubs allowing you to connect all of you USB devices to your Chromebook.

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