How To Connect A Mobile Device To A TV

Adapter Solutions To Get Your Mobile Device Connected


In this video you'll learn how to connect several different mobile devices to a television, using a couple different solutions. Since not all mobile devices and televisions have the same connector types, we are going to provide a few different options for displaying the content from your mobile device onto a TV.

C2G offers four solutions for connecting mobile devices to a television. First, C2G has Chromebook adapters for use with the HDMI output on a Chromebook. We offer an HDMI to VGA adapter and an HDMI to DVI adapter perfect for connecting a Chromebook to a TV or projector. Next, our Wireless Audio/Video Receiver uses HDMI and secure wireless networking technology to transmit audio and video from your Android or Windows® mobile phone to your television. Last, we offer a mobile to MHL adapter and a mobile to SlimPort adapter for tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices that allow the USB Micro B port on the mobile device to connect directly to the HDMI port of your TV.

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