How to Select 
a RapidRun System

RapidRunHow to Install a RapidRun System

Installing a RapidRun solution is easy!

A step by step look at installing the RapidRun solution. If you need any help, feel free to contact us or use ConnectXpress to build your solution!

Step 1:

Select a runner cable

Determine the runner length and jacket type required for the installation.

  • RapidRun Multi-Format runner cables are available in lengths from 6 feet to 150 feet with a in–wall, CMG–rated jacket for installations in-wall, and in lengths from 15 feet to 150 feet with a plenum, CMP–rated jacket for installations in shared air spaces.
Step 2 to Select RapidRun

Step 2:

Select flying leads or wall plates

Each RapidRun system requires a flying lead or wall plate on both ends of the runner cable.

  • RapidRun Multi-Format requires two flying leads and two wall plates, or one flying lead and one wall plate. The same A/V connector must be used on both sides of the runner cable. For example, if a VGA wall plate is used at the source end of the cable, then a VGA flying lead or VGA wall plate must be used at the display end of the runner cable.
Step 3 to Select RapidRun

Step 3:

Select accessories

Many RapidRun applications require additional accessories for installation or for finish work.

Step 4 to Select RapidRun
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