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Protect Against Imposters Posing As C2G

Please note that we have experienced an increase in fraud cases recently. Below is some information you should know.
Fraud attempt examples
  • Someone posing as C2G, Cables To Go® or Lastar™, Inc., or Legrand® requesting credit terms, and then placing an order to ship to a non-legitimate company location
  • Someone posing as a current customer, placing an order, and then requesting shipment to a "new" location or "drop-ship" address
  • Unsolicited offers to act as a "Mystery Shopper" on behalf of Lastar, a division of Lastar, Legrand, or a division of Legrand accompanied by a counterfeit check
What to watch for:
  • An unknown person placing an order for a current customer
  • New shipping locations
  • New customer set-up without proper verification
What to do:
  • Verify all new ship-to location requests directly with the company
  • Verify requests for credit and new customer set-up carefully
  • We encourage you to contact us if there is anything out of the ordinary or you are not sure if a particular transaction is legitimate
Thank you for your attention to this and for your continued partnership with C2G.

Please contact Donna Chaseley (Sr. Accountant | 937.528.4883 | donna.chaseley@legrand.us) regarding any suspicious activities involving Legrand or its affiliates.