Fraud Alert | Fraud Prevention

Protect yourself from imposters posing as C2G

Please note that we have experienced an increase in fraud cases recently. Below is some information you should know.

Fraud attempt examples:

  • Someone posing as C2G, Cables To Go® or Lastar, Inc., or Legrand® requesting credit terms, and then placing an order to ship to a non-legitimate company location
  • Someone posing as a current customer, placing an order, and then requesting shipment to a "new" location or "drop-ship" address
  • Unsolicited offers to act as a "Mystery Shopper" on behalf of Lastar, a division of Lastar, Legrand, or a division of Legrand accompanied by a counterfeit check

What to watch for:

  • An unknown person placing an order for a current customer
  • New shipping locations
  • New customer set-up without proper verification

What to do:

  • Verify all new ship-to location requests directly with the company
  • Verify requests for credit and new customer set-up carefully
  • We encourage you to contact us if there is anything out of the ordinary or you are not sure if a particular transaction is legitimate