Digital Signage Articles For Lobby and Reception Boards

When customers are waiting, don't make them wait for information that you could share with them with a digital signage solution!

Welcoming a guest to your company through digital signage provides a positive first impression and overall experience. With traditional felt letter boards, written messages can only be posted to a relatively small space. This can make it difficult if you receive many guests on a daily basis. With digital signage, any number of guests' names can be announced and welcomed while also having the power to provide your guests with your company's history, products, services and other relevant information.

Further, content can be updated quickly and seamlessly through software applications, where as a traditional felt letter board requires an individual to physically alter the message in advance. Many institutions such as banks, hospitals, schools and corporations are moving toward digital signage in their lobbies and reception areas to take advantage of this powerful technology.

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

C2G offers a broad array of solutions to support your digital signage needs. Most lobby and reception areas typically use one or two displays at a minimal distance away from the media player or computer. Our UXGA splitter/extenders are a perfect solution for distributing the video signal to multiple displays without causing signal degradation over long distances. Our line of UXGA cabling such as RapidRun® can accommodate cable installations up to 150ft away from the PC/media player or splitter unit to each display.

In some cases a receptionist is responsible for maintaining and updating the content and may need to have access to the player or computer without adding additional peripherals or displays the workspace. Our line of KVM switches for digital signage applications allow the appropriate individual access to the player or computer using his or her current monitor and desktop peripherals.

Traditional Cabling Solution Example

A small company is interested in updating from a traditional letter board to a more advanced digital signage system. They would like to have a display in both the waiting area and at the front desk so that guests have the most visibility to the signage system. To keep costs at a minimum, a single office computer using a slideshow presentation will be used to play identical content to both displays. The computer will be placed under the receptionist's desk for easy access and maintenance. The receptionist will require access each morning to log in and start the content using only the keyboard, mouse and monitor currently on the desk. The cabling distance from the computer to the waiting room display is 15ft while the display at the front desk is only 6ft away.

Recommended Solution

4-Port UXGA Monitor Splitter/Extender
Application: Splits the content from the single computer to the lobby display, front desk and the receptionist's monitor through a KVM
Part number: 29504
Quantity: 1
2-Port VGA/ USB and PS/2 KVM Switch with Cables
Application: Shares the desktop peripherals and monitor between the receptionist's work computer and the digital signage computer
Part number: 35554
Quantity: 1
6 ft RapidRun CL2-Rated PC Runner Cable
Application: Connects from the splitter/extender to the front desk display
Part number: 42134
Quantity: 1
15 ft RapidRun CL2-Rated PC Runner Cable
Application: Connects from the splitter/extender to the waiting room display
Part number: 42136
Quantity: 1
1.5 ft RapidRun HD15 Male Flying Lead
Application: Connects both ends of the runner cables used for the displays
Part number: 40725
Quantity: 4
6in VGA270 HD15 UXGA M/M Monitor Cable
Application: Connects the splitter/extender to the KVM switch
Part number: 52091
Quantity: 1

Application Diagram

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