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Library Connectivity Overview


In a school library computers can be utilized as an effective way to help locate a book or other reference materials. Keyboards, monitors and mice are set up in rows to allow the maximum number of users possible. Unfortunately the placement of a computer case promotes a few challenges in a library environment. The physical size of most computer cases reduces the number of possible workstations that can be set up, while the cabling attached to the back of the case creates a tripping hazard. Having the computer case in close proximity of users increases the risk of viruses from personal media such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives.

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

Our product offering can serve multiple solution types. Products like our VGA/USB KVM extender allows flexible placement of computer cases up to 492ft away from the keyboard, monitor and mouse using a single Cat5e/6 network cable, freeing valuable space and preventing unauthorized access to media inputs by users.

Library Solution Example

A high school is upgrading four computers located in the library used to locate reference material. To conserve space and prevent the risk of infecting the new computers by outside media, the library is seeking a solution that will allow the computer cases to be racked in an IT wiring closet 200ft away. The only cabling currently in place is Cat5e used for internet access and sharing resources.

Solution Overview

To accommodate a remote location for computer cases using the existing Cat5e cabling in place, we recommend the use of our VGA/USB KVM over Cat5 extender, 3ft Cat5e snagless patch cables and USB to PS/2 adapters. The transmitter unit will be attached to each of the racked computer's available VGA and USB ports using the integrated cabling. Patch cables (#15178) are used to connect each transmitter unit to the patch panel jacks for the existing cable back to the library. In the library patch cables (#15178) will be used to connect from the available wall jack to each receiver unit. The receiver's integrated cabling is connected to each station's monitor, keyboard and mouse. If the keyboard and mouse are PS/2 and have USB compatibility, the adapter (#27277) can be used to adapt to the receiver unit's connections.

Solution Components

Application: Transmitter and receiver to extend a monitor, keyboard and mouse up to 492ft away using the Cat5e/6 cable in place.
Part Number: 40322
Quantity: 1

Application: Provides a connection from each end of the extender devices to or from an available RJ45 jack.
Part Number: 15178
Quantity: 1

Application: An optional component to adapt a PS/2 keyboard or mouse to USB for use with the receiver unit in kit 40322.
Part Number: 27277
Quantity: 1
Note: The solution described above is one of many connectivity solutions that C2G can provide. For additional information on solutions for your particular application, please contact us.
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