Computer Lab Connectivity Overview

Computer Lab Connectivity Overview

Computer labs serve as a valuable resource for students without access to a computer or printer at home or in the classroom. In many applications computers and peripherals are set up in rows to conserve space and provide access to multiple users. Depending on the room layout, some peripherals might be out of reach from the computer, making it difficult to install in a desired configuration. In instances where excess cable is present, users can trip resulting in injury and damage to hardware.

The large physical size of some power adapters for peripherals may overlap with outlets on surge strips. This can present a problem for installers and users as it limits available power outlets for connecting additional computers or peripherals.

Computer labs can also serve as an instructional area with lessons involving software programs and internet research. To assist with demonstration, an instructor may require a digital projector attached to a computer. In some instances the room utilized as a computer lab today may become converted as a classroom in the future. The resource demands of a classroom can be different from that of the computer lab making it a challenge to have all cabling in place to serve both purposes.

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

C2G offers several solutions for computer labs depending on the system requirements. Desktop Extension Kits allow easy reach of desktop peripherals for computer lab setups. For applications with excess cabling, solutions such as hook and loop tapes or reusable cable ties reduce hazards in computer labs. Our unique Outlet Saver Power Extension cords prevent overlapping from power adapters on surge strips freeing much needed outlet space without creating additional cable clutter. To share resources such as internet access, storage and printers, networked computers and devices can benefit from our wide assortment of Cat5 and Cat6 cabling. Various color options allow organization and management of networking cabling. Our RapidRun® cabling system can provide a multipurpose cabling solution to allow quick conversions of classrooms and labs.

Computer Lab Solution Example

A local junior high school has decided to install cabling in all classrooms and computer labs to accommodate audio video equipment upgrades. The school would like to have the option of moving computer labs to different rooms of the building if the student population grows while using the previous lab as a classroom.

Solution Overview

To accommodate the flexible requirements, we recommend the use of our RapidRun modular cabling solution. The integrated wall plate with two keystone bezels (#03820) will be located in a box at the front of the room with both bezels covered until room conversion is needed. The runner cable along with a Cat5/6 cable will be placed in an available conduit or raceway to the projector's location. The integrated lead will be connected to the projector with the opposite end attached to the runner cable. The Cat5/6 cable will remain unused until the lab requires conversion to a classroom with an electronic whiteboard.

To convert the computer lab into a classroom with an electronic whiteboard, we recommend the following setup:

The keystone covers (#03820) are removed and the USB keystone extender (#29349) is attached to the available Cat5/6 cable. The USB keystone extender now occupies both keystone bezels of the RapidRun integrated wall plate. At the electronic whiteboard, the USB receiver is attached to the opposite end of the available Cat5/6 cable and directly connected to the electronic whiteboard's switch unit.

Solution Components

  • RapidRun Double Gang Integrated HD15 + 3.5mm + RCA Audio/Video + (2) Keystone Wall Plate - Brushed Aluminum
  • Application: Wall plate near the computer work station.
  • Part number: 60028
  • Quantity: 1
RapidRun Double Gang Integrated HD15 + 3.5mm + RCA Audio/Video + (2) Keystone Wall Plate - Brushed Aluminum

35ft RapidRun Plenum-rated Multi-Format Runner Cable

1.5ft RapidRun HD15 + 3.5mm + Composite Video + Stereo Audio Flying Lead

Snap-In Blank Keystone Insert - White

When converting the lab to a classroom with an interactive whiteboard:

  • 1-Port USB Superbooster® Dongle - Receiver
  • Application: Provides USB connectivity beyond the 16.4ft length limitation to the interactive whiteboard. Attaches directly to the whiteboard.
  • Part number: 29353
  • Quantity: 1
1-Port USB Superbooster Dongle - Receiver

Note: The solution described above is one of many connectivity solutions that C2G can provide. For additional information on solutions for your particular application, please contact us.

This white paper is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. C2G makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information found in this document.