Auditorium Connectivity Overview

Auditorium Connectivity Overview

An auditorium in an educational environment provides a central location for large groups of faculty members, students and parents to gather for informative or entertaining events. Visual aid equipment of the past may have included either a filmstrip or slideshow projector located at ground level or in a projector room above the audience. Audio would have been provided via wall mount speakers spread throughout the auditorium.

Today, filmstrip and slideshow projectors have been replaced with digital projectors. Presenters may require a connection from a laptop located on stage back to a projector mounted on the ceiling or in a projector room. Audio reinforcement systems are also very popular in most auditoriums to assist with addressing a large number of audience members. Microphones and instrument cabling are routed back to a central location either back stage or a projector room where it enters a series of equipment to provide output to speakers.

Although most modern audio reinforcement systems use wireless technology, cabling is still required to patch preamplifiers and mixers together as well as speakers. The connectivity needs for a modern setup promotes a challenge for installers since some environments have a limited path for running cabling.

How do C2G solutions fit into this type of application?

Applications with conduit can benefit from our RapidRun® modular cabling solution, which eliminates the need for field termination. RapidRun is factory tested and is backed with a lifetime warranty resulting in dependable performance.

When cabling is not an option, our extensive line of wireless USB solutions provides reliable in-room connectivity and easy installation. For audio reinforcement systems, we offer a complete line of Pro Audio cabling such as XLR, 1/4" TS and TRS that is perfect for patching amplifiers and mixers or running from the stage to the central equipment location.

Auditorium Solution Example

A high school plans on updating its auditorium with a digital projector to host informative events using a presenter's laptop. Since the school was built in the 1970's, the auditorium has no existing path for cabling. Therefore, the school is seeking a wireless solution from the presenter's laptop to the digital projector which is in line of sight 25ft away. Audio will also be required wirelessly from the presenter's laptop to the amplifier located line of sight 15ft away on the side of the stage.

Solution Overview

The solution we recommend is our wireless USB to VGA and stereo audio kit (#29596), VGA cable, 3.5mm audio cable and an audio adapter. The wireless USB kit consists of a USB transmitter which connects to any available USB port on the user's laptop. The wireless VGA receiver is attached to the projector using the recommended cable (#52091). The audio receiver is attached to the sound reinforcement system using the recommended cable (#40411). The audio reinforcement system may have balanced inputs such as 6.3mm (1/4in) which warrants the need for the suggested adapter (#40639) to adapt the cable (#40411) to the proper size. With all parts connected, the user can now transmit video to the projector and audio to the sound system without requiring a cable from the laptop to each device.

Solution Components

  • Wireless USB to VGA + 3.5mm Audio
  • Application: Kit provides USB dongle for the presenter's laptop, VGA adapter for the projector and an audio adapter for the amplifier.
  • Part number: 29596
  • Quantity: 1
Wireless USB to VGA + 3.5mm audio

  • 3.5mm Female to 6.3mm (1/4in) Adapter
  • Application: An optional component to adapt the 3.5mm audio output of the wireless adapter to a 1/4in input of a pro audio amplifier.
  • Part number: 40639
  • Quantity: 1
3.5mm Female to 6.3mm (1/4in) Adapter

  • 6in VGA270 HD15 Male to Male Cable
  • Application: Connects the wireless VGA adapter to the projector.
  • Part number: 52091
  • Quantity: 1
6in VGA270 HD15 Male to Male Cable

1.5ft 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable

Note: The solution described above is one of many connectivity solutions that C2G can provide. For additional information on solutions for your particular application, please contact us.

This white paper is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. C2G makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information found in this document.