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Time is Money When Installing Technology into a Classroom

Sage Technology Solutions Provides The Total Classroom Solution Utilizing RapidRun®


An elementary school in central Pennsylvania was being completely renovated and 48 classrooms needed new A/V cabling installed. According to the architect's spec, HDMI, composite audio/ video, S-Video, USB, Coax, and VGA (HD15) all needed to be installed in order to connect A/V devices in the front of the classroom to the teachers station in the back of the room. In addition, the cables needed to be plenum rated for use in plenum airspace.


Sage Technology Solutions was hired to find an A/V solution that met the specifications and then install that solution into 48 classrooms in the elementary school. Having faced similar requirements by other educational institutions in the past, SAGE knew exactly which solution they would use— RapidRun. "We have used RapidRun in other classroom settings," said Sage Technology Solutions President, Daniel Rohrer. "It is easy to install, and we were really trying to avoid any field terminations. The RapidRun solution tends to be more reliable than pin terminations completed in the field. RapidRun also allows us to save time and money on the installations, and gives us the flexibility to configure our own wall plates without having to order something custom."

SAGE knew that by installing RapidRun, the classroom would easily accommodate the interactive whiteboard, projector, amp, and speakers—as well as additional A/V equipment used in the classroom. By installing all three runner cable options, SAGE was able to send all the necessary analog and digital signals across the classroom. This RapidRun solution meant using fewer cables and avoiding a bunch of bulky, hard-to-manage connectors that needed terminated in the field. RapidRun not only carries multiple signals over a single cable—it also has a small, twist-and-lock connector that passes through ¾ conduit at 90°, and requires no field termination. The total classroom installation included:

  • RapidRun®

  • C2G HDMI® Extender

  • Polyvision® Interactive Whiteboards

  • TeachLogic Classroom Amplification

  • HP® Procurve® Ethernet Switching

  • Aerohive® a/b/g/n Managed Wireless Network

  • VBrick® Ethernet TV Encoders

  • Rauland Building Intercom


By installing one of each of RapidRun's Multimedia, PC, and Digital runner cables, SAGE was able to meet all of the A/V and PC signal requirements with three in-wall plenum cables. Runners were terminated with RapidRun wall plates at the teacher's station and individual flying leads at the device end. "The flying leads come in different lengths, which is perfect for reaching all of the different devices in the classroom," Rohrer said. SAGE also made the classroom future-proof by including a RapidRun digital runner in the installation, which carries HDMI and DVI signals for future A/V and PC hardware. Very soon the Analog Sunset will take place, and the VGA connector will go away. When it does, the classroom will still be capable of supporting digital A/V devices without any further need for major renovations.

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