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SLED Buying Made Easy with C2G

RapidRun Resolves School District's Concerns on Costs, Installation, and Future Connectivity


Digital Age Technologies had been working on multiple large school projects (325 rooms in one district, close to 100 in another) throughout the year and recognized a need that school districts had to reduce costs. Their labor to run traditional VGA, composite video and audio cables independently and field-terminate was cost prohibitive and took quite a bit of time. They also kept a keen eye on the gradual upgrading of classroom technology from analog devices to digital devices.


The answer for Digital Age Technologies was to incorporate C2G's RapidRun cabling system into their installations. RapidRun incorporated everything they needed to get the job done quickly and professionally, using mostly plenum pre-terminated runners, flying leads, and wall plates into their installations. This only solved part of the problem, however. Digital Age Technologies was still faced with the fact that school districts in the state of Michigan needed to drastically cut their costs. In order to combat this issue, they submitted bids for the RapidRun product line to the REMC Association of Michigan $AVE Bid Project which allowed school districts to order cabling at bid pricing and install it themselves.


Success was a win-win for both Digital Age Technologies and the school districts. The REMC $AVE Bid pricing for the RapidRun product made ordering painless for them since they didn't have to hire consultants and put every project out for bid. And, since RapidRun is pre-terminated and easy to install, the schools benefited by using their own personnel to install the cabling which reduced their expenses even further.

Digital Age Technologies found that fully installing a RapidRun cabling system instead of installing and terminating traditional cabling cut their labor in half. Not only did they find they were more efficient and more profitable, they were increasing sales since the school districts could do their shopping on the REMC $AVE Bid Project website and simply send their POs to Digital Age Technologies and have C2G drop ship directly to them.

When C2G first introduced their new Multi-Format cabling into the RapidRun line of products, Digital Age Technologies took notice. This new product solved the last remaining piece of the puzzle. With the sunset of analog devices drawing near in 2014, this new product could be installed into environments where analog equipment would eventually be upgraded to digital. This would give school districts the comfort of knowing that their rooms would be equipped to handle not only their current analog AV equipment, but the digital devices that were beginning to make a presence. Digital Age Technologies is migrating over to the Multi-Format cabling and plans to incorporate it into the REMC project.

About Digital Age Technologies, Inc.

Digital Age Technologies is a full service Audio & Visual company specializing in the educational market. We offer professional design and implementation of data, voice, video, professional sound, paging, automated control, interactive classrooms, and data network infrastructure throughout the state of Michigan. DAT also provides nationwide service through a network of partnerships with other technology companies.

About REMC

The REMC $AVE Bid Project is a service of the REMC Association of Michigan for the benefit of all Michigan schools and other public agencies. The Project is managed through a fiscal agent agreement with Ingham Intermediate School District. Staff at Ingham ISD manage bid policies and procedures to comply with all Michigan school code requirements allowing local school districts to purchase using REMC contracts without further bidding.

About C2G

C2G, a brand of Legrand, is a global leader in Audio/Video and PC cabling and connectivity solutions since 1984. C2G delivers connectivity solutions renowned for superior quality, value, and innovation—all backed by an uncompromising commitment to customer service. C2G is widely known as the cabling and connectivity supplier of choice for industry leading integrators, technology resellers, and distributors across North America, EMEA, and Asia. In 2019 C2G joined Legrand | AV, a leading provider of innovative connectivity, mounting, racks, and display solutions for various audio video technologies. For more information, please visit C2G.

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Robb Mays
Product Marketing | C2G
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