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Media Nexus Provides IT Expertise In An Evolving AV World

Primes Client for Future Increase In Technology Use, While Supporting Its Need for Flexible Rooms


Media Nexus welcomed the opportunity to create a customized and integrated A/V and IT solution for a client who wanted a streamlined solution for her own condominium. The client was an interior designer who was very adamant about concealing all technology devices as much as possible. Eyal Kattan, president of Media Nexus, states that "Today, there is a growing trend to convert the common living area of the house into a media room instead of having a dedicated home theater in the basement. It gives them more added-value to the family's most often used space."


For this particular client, Media Nexus installed a full home theater, media room, and networking solution. Knowing that aesthetics were especially important, they designed the system in a way that was not invasive to the living space. With a push of a button, it allowed the client to turn the area into a powerful media room to enjoy video games, watch a movie, or listen to music.

The connectivity products used for this application were C2G decorative style wall plates, various wall plate inserts, Cat6 patch cabling, and speaker wire. About 23 wall plates were designed for the network, which might be considered excessive by some. However, the goal was to provide the client with as many connection points as possible so if she wanted to rearrange the furniture layout of her room—she could do so easily and without additional renovation costs.


The Media Nexus philosophy on installations is to prepare its customers for future bandwidth requirements. For example, if the job calls for a network cable, they recommend purchasing the faster option. Most of the industry is still using Cat5 or Cat5e, whereas Media Nexus would tend to use Cat6, Cat6A, or Cat6e. This is slightly more expensive, but it allows them to provide their clients with scalability and flexibility to integrate technologies of tomorrow without having to replace the wires in the walls.

The client was pleased with the outcome, noting that "The end result allows me to update my living space as often as I want without being boxed in by where my technology devices have to be placed. Media Nexus was also able to hide many of the technology elements, and those items that they could not hide are aesthetically pleasing."

When asked about partnering with C2G, Eyal believes that the products are "Straightforward, easy to install, and are very reliable," stating further "We've never had any issues with them, and the reasons that I like to buy from C2G are the variety of the products offered, stock availability, and it's very easy for us to work with C2G."

About Media Nexus

Established in New York City in 2007, Media Nexus recently decided to expand its reach and open up an operation in the growing metro of Atlanta, Georgia. Media Nexus has been installing residential and commercial applications around the Atlanta area now for more than three years. Originally, the company started out on the IT side of the house. Primarily focused on IT implementation in a traditional A/V-centric industry certainly has its challenges and opportunities. Eyal of Media Nexus offers "It takes a lot of education by us—both to customers and sometimes to colleagues. I think the A/V world is a very solid industry that was performing for many years on a specific methodology. But now, with the expansion of the IT world into the living room, the industry is having a bit of a challenge adapting and embracing the change."

About C2G

C2G, a brand of Legrand, is a global leader in Audio/Video and PC cabling and connectivity solutions since 1984. C2G delivers connectivity solutions renowned for superior quality, value, and innovation—all backed by an uncompromising commitment to customer service. C2G is widely known as the cabling and connectivity supplier of choice for industry leading integrators, technology resellers, and distributors across North America, EMEA, and Asia. In 2019 C2G joined Legrand | AV, a leading provider of innovative connectivity, mounting, racks, and display solutions for various audio video technologies. For more information, please visit C2G.

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Robb Mays
Product Marketing | C2G
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