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PC Mall Testimonial

PC Mall Uses RapidRun for Digital Signage Installations In Physician Offices

A couple of years ago we began to deploy RapidRun cabling systems while installing digital signage systems in the waiting areas of physician offices rather than using traditional A/V extension over Ethernet. Our intent was to eliminate the failure point associated with the A/V extenders, particularly the power supplies.

One of the many benefits of RapidRun was the clean, professional appearance of the installation. There were no unsightly bundles of cables, and no possibility of a power supply or receiver falling down from behind the screen. This was a key feature since many of our installations are in high-end, very nicely appointed offices and hospitals.

The ability to upgrade to newer technologies without re-running the cable was an attractive feature as well. By changing out a flying lead and/or wall plate, we can take advantage of emerging technologies without the added cost of a new cable run.

We continue to specify RapidRun cables for all our digital signage needs that require signal transmission to a remote display. The ease of installation and lower TCO make it an easy choice. I can recommend it to anyone looking at A/V cabling for their projects without hesitation.

The thing I like best about RapidRun is the ease of installation of a single cable. We are a classroom integrator, so we are always looking for simple solutions for connecting projectors, screens, speakers, etc. We have a stringent quality control process, and we have found that RapidRun's consistency from room-to-room is very high, while the failure rate is slim to none.

It has become company standard to use RapidRun, and we will complete another 3000 RapidRun installations between June and December 2010.

Thanks for such a great product!


Dallas Combs
DS Technical Consultant, PC Mall Services, Inc.​​​​​​​
(February 17, 2010)
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