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North Carolina School District Testimonial

Utilizes RapidRun's Versatility In Over 40 Classrooms

About two years ago, a vendor who had been using RapidRun in various applications presented the product to me as an option for an upcoming project.

The first time we used RapidRun, we were adding wiring to an existing location. A plasma display was being installed in the lobby of a school to exhibit students' projects. We knew that it would be coming down eventually to be replaced with a different signal type, so we chose RapidRun because we knew we could install just one set of cables, and avoid having to run new ones later on.

The first thing I noticed was the adaptability of the product. RapidRun is so versatile, and it's very comforting to not have to worry about what interface we are using.

I also observed that the installation process went very smoothly with no problems. The cables connected within a matter of seconds, and it looked very simple to accomplish. The installation took a lot less time than a standard field termination, and the best part was that I didn't have to worry about defective wiring. RapidRun truly offers a plug and play experience. The time saved installing RapidRun definitely saved us money in the long–run.

After it was installed, the picture quality exceeded my expectations. It's obvious that it's a high quality cable.

Since our first experience over two years ago, we have used RapidRun several times in our school systems. We have 42 schools, soon to be 44, and will continue to use RapidRun for future projects. I should mention that the school where we first used RapidRun was demolished, but before it was destroyed, we made sure to retrieve the RapidRun cables from the building to use for something else. It truly is that valuable!


Wayne Chamberlain
A/V Supervisor, North Carolina School District​​​​​​​
(March 12, 2009)
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