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More To Cables Than You Think

Maximizing A/V Performance While Reducing Costs with RapidRun from C2G

Image of a conference room with RapidRun AV connectivity


Thresher Communications & Productivity, a California-based IT integrator with staff deployed throughout the United States, experiences many different challenges when installing audio/video infrastructure for its clients. From the rapid evolution of technology to overcoming physical obstacles during installation, Thresher must break through these barriers to provide its customers with complete, turnkey audio/video and IT systems.

Thresher helps its clients, which range from Fortune 500 companies such as Google® to local school districts, maximize their technology investments by engineering solutions that are efficient to install, easy to use, simple to manage, and upgradeable to prevent the need for major overhaul. While many of Thresher's customers are often more interested in the latest display technology or highdefinition video standard, the wire and cable infrastructure they don't see often has a bigger impact than Thresher's clients realize.


John Nickel, owner of Thresher Communications & Productivity, was installing projectors and highspeed video equipment. He needed multiple color-coded cables so users could easily identify the projector being connected, but Nickel found his options to be very limited.

Nickel was then introduced to C2G, a company that would customize his cables to any color he needed. As a result, no matter which location or room was being used, the cable configuration was standardized to look the same for consistency and ease of use.

"It seemed like such a simple thing, but it really opened the door to other conversations," continued Nickel. "Not only did we get the cable we wanted from C2G, but I saw the commitment they had to their customers and the ability to quickly customize something that met my needs."

One of the new discoveries from C2G for Nickel was RapidRun, a modular cabling system that supports multiple signals over a single cable. In order to upgrade or change equipment, users only need to change the cable terminal. While making a switch from composite video to high-definition component video would typically require running a new cable, RapidRun only requires a new connector on the end of the cable.

"In addition to the flexibility and convenience of RapidRun, it has a number of other features that really make it stand out," said Nickel. "For instance, one end of the cable is tapered making running the cable much quicker and easier. And with pre-built connectors that just screw on, we know there is reliable connection between cables, termination is much simpler and we don't need to carry a lot of tools."

In one instance, Nickel was running high-definition video cables that needed to run up to fifty feet in length. The cables Thresher had been using required a $400 adapter box to boost the signal for any runs over fifteen feet. With C2G, Nickel had a cable that easily covered the distance he needed and didn't require a costly booster to maintain video quality. Thresher has since gone back and retrofitted previous installations and is now using the cable in all their new installations.

Nickel had a client that used videoconferencing extensively. The company started with a PC setup but later moved a number of people to Macs. This created connectivity problems with the videoconferencing in a mixed environment. The splitters that were being used didn't connect correctly to the Mac computers, and others that were tested also failed to work. Nickel contacted C2G, and its splitter not only worked with both PCs and Macs, but it automatically detected what type of system was connected to the projector. Since C2G splitters are so convenient and flexible, Thresher Communications has begun retrofitting all of its customers' connections. "C2G again gave us exactly what we needed and worked flawlessly for our clients" said Nickel. "The company is strong in design, quality and meeting industry standards. It's obvious C2G is paying attention to the details and not just quickly throwing something out there like so many others."


The fact is that a company can acquire top-of-the-line equipment, but there are a number of cost and quality issues involved in the cables that connect everything. "Not only does C2G provide a quality product, but they save us money," noted Nickel. "We probably save $30 to $40 per cable, including connectors. And because they are easier to work with and install, we save about 20 to 30 minutes in installation time per cable."

Thresher also has the comfort of knowing it has a partner that works with them to find the right solution. "C2G is good at listening to customers and incorporating feedback into their products. Whether we are working with global technology companies or a local business, we rely on speed, reliability and efficiency. With C2G, we get all three and save money in the process," added Nickel.

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