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Maine School Administrative District Uses RapidRun for Cost-Effective Computer to LCD Projector Installations

​​​​​​​As the director of a school district, I am constantly challenged to improve classrooms on a budget. In search of classroom advancements, I recently attended a vendor show in Waterville and was introduced to RapidRun. We wanted to install LCD projectors in many of our classrooms and I was looking for an easy, cost-effective way for us to do these installs. The first thing that made me interested in RapidRun was the reduced labor that was required during the installation. I was also very impressed with the flexibility of this system, being able to upgrade from one signal to another without a lot of work.

We've decided to rely solely on RapidRun and have used it in 12 classrooms at a High School and Junior High School. The classrooms use RapidRun to connect the classroom computer to the overhead LCD projectors which project onto a Smart Board. Without RapidRun our typical installation took about three to four hours to complete. Using RapidRun we were able to get the install time down to less than an hour. The system was very easy to install and the best part, it didin't require any field terminations. RapidRun has worked out great so far and we plan to use it in many of the other schools.


Allen Curtis
Director, Main School Administrative District #49
(February 26, 2007)
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