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Installation Resource Group Testimonial

Discovered RapidRun Revolutionized How They Thought About Patient Rooms

The Installation Resource Group was founded in 1994 and initially specialized in AV and IT technology integration for dental and small medical facilities. As technologies advanced and territories grew, IRG created partnerships with leading manufacturers of medical IT and AV equipment and expanded services to larger healthcare facilities nationwide.

In the 15 years since our establishment, we have never come across a product like RapidRun. It has really changed the way we do business. We decided to purchase RapidRun after being introduced to the product at a tradeshow we were attending in 2007. We were looking for an easier way to install digital signage and video displays in dental offices and other medical facilities, and RapidRun seemed to fit our needs perfectly.

"When installing equipment in patient rooms, we have to pull the cables under the flooring and through the dental chairs. This is very limited space, so the small shape of the RapidRun connectors and thinness of the cables really works well for our everyday projects." Our company started doing business in the dental community and has since expanded our installations to additional medical settings such as hospitals, dialysis centers, private practice, and nursing homes. We've used RapidRun in hospitals for TV's in patient rooms, digital signage for patient tracking boards, and nurses' stations.

"Our normal A/V installations usually involved field terminating and having to pull multiple cables through dental chairs, but with RapidRun, we only had to pull one runner cable, attach the break-away piece, and the installation worked flawlessly! It saved us so much time."

RapidRun is better in quality and all around easier to install than the competition. We like RapidRun so much that we have recommended it to many other companies and will continue to do so. On a scale of 1 to 10, this product is a 10! Hands down!


Cy Martinez
VP Operations, Installation Resource Group​​​​​​​
(February 17, 2010)
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