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Delcom Group Testimonial

Delcom Group Uses RapidRun® for Simple A/V Classroom Installations

I have been employed with Delcom since July 2009, and since then, we have completed over 1500 RapidRun installations with plans to reach over 3000 by May/June 2010. Our company primarily serves the K-12 education market, while also occasionally working with some Healthcare and Government projects. Within the education market, we focus mainly on classroom installs as well as some middle-of-the-road boardroom/conference rooms.

I first used RapidRun in a school about two and a half years ago after finding the product through an online search. I was pinning out VGA heads and had a special need for cables that could fit through conduit and connect to a wall plate. RapidRun worked so well, I converted the entire building (70 rooms) using the product.

I ended up loving RapidRun so much that I decided to use it exclusively for all of my installations from that point on. I brought that decision with me to Delcom. If we have a choice to specify a product, we always choose RapidRun. And we'll still recommend it to a client, even if it isn't specified. It's pretty rare to show RapidRun to a customer and have them decline.

Last year, we had four months to complete AV installations in 1500 classrooms for a school district, and it wouldn't have been possible to do on time without RapidRun. We also had a project where 136 classrooms had to be finished over Spring Break week, and RapidRun pulled through for us again with no problems. We are constantly tasked with meeting strict deadlines, and RapidRun is the best product for that.

The thing I like best about RapidRun is the ease of installation of a single cable. We are a classroom integrator, so we are always looking for simple solutions for connecting projectors, screens, speakers, etc. We have a stringent quality control process, and we have found that RapidRun's consistency from room-to-room is very high, while the failure rate is slim to none.

It has become company standard to use RapidRun, and we will complete another 3000 RapidRun installations between June and December 2010.

Thanks for such a great product!


Doug Busey
AV Manager, Delcom
(March 31, 2010)
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