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Creating the Connected Classroom with C2G

Huge Labor Savings and Rapid Return On Investment with RapidRun® Modular Cabling




A school system in Florida was in the process of building approximately 8,000 new classrooms. Focusing on their upcoming school year, they wanted the classrooms to be equipped with the latest projectors and multimedia equipment. They had approximately 1,000 large classrooms to install in a short amount of time. It was crucial that the cabling system behind the technology was time-saving, easy to install and cost effective.




RapidRun offered just the solution this Florida school system needed. Its flexibility allowed their contractor to simply select the appropriate break-away terminations, wall plates or flying leads and match them with the appropriate runner to configure the system. Typically this would have taken hours to install, but with RapidRun it took only minutes to complete. This freed the contractor's time for other projects yielding significant profit gains.


As the school continues to grow, and in order to keep up with changing technology, the RapidRun system can be easily upgraded to support new applications. RapidRun is uniquely designed with the ability to use existing conduit without the need for running new cables. The genius behind RapidRun starts with the runner – the main base cable that runs through walls, rooms and fixtures. To expand its flexibility, multiple signal types can be supported over a single Runner—such as VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video or HDMI® and DVI Video. Just select the wall plate or flying lead that is right for your application, connect the break-away to the runner and with a twist and a turn, your termination is complete.


Completely eliminating the need for field termination, this cabling audio/video system is pull, plug and play—saving installation time and headaches. RapidRun's versatility and ease of use especially benefits schools where technology in the classroom plays a more prominent role than ever. School systems everywhere are realizing the advantages of using RapidRun for the installation of projectors and other A/V equipment.




The Florida school system saw a substantial increase in efficiency and completed its large project in record time. The installation time was reduced by more than half for each classroom. Because RapidRun is very affordable, the school system also saved money in the process. They can be reassured knowing that RapidRun's easy-to-upgrade format will be able to grow right along with their future needs.


RapidRun provided this school system with unsurpassed time savings and a great return on investment. As the school system continues to upgrade its more than 8,000 classrooms, RapidRun will be the cabling product of choice.

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