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FIX8Group Connects Clients to Their Audiences with the Help of C2G

Captivates Performers and Audiences with Astounding A/V Special Effects with Connectivity from C2G.


At a concert, the flashing, colorful lights draw the audience in. Multiple screens showcase harmonizing images to fully complement the show. Full screen views of the performers are displayed for all to see. The sound is booming with just enough bass to hear the beat without overwhelming the treble of the vocals. This experience is not easy to accomplish; it takes technical professionals to turn lighting, visual, and audio concepts into a reality.

FIX8Group is a solution provider that creates the atmosphere for tours, events and shows. Some of their popular work includes tours for Rihanna, Jay-Z, Cheryl Cole, Strictly Come Dancing, Royal Variety Performance—and even the set of X-Factor.

In order to sell their services to clients, FIX8Group provides in-house demonstrations to show off their capabilities. In this setting, FIX8Group can begin to build a show that suits the client's ideas and needs from consultancy, video system integration, content creation, lighting design, and interactive experiences. Multiple projectors are set up to create the show experience inhouse. Audio equipment is prepared to deliver the acoustics of a live event. Cables and connectivity solutions are employed to connect the required equipment in order to deliver the appropriate ambiance. However, the multitude of cables necessary to distribute the audio and video signals of the devices can cause an aesthetic problem.


Neil Trenell, the Owner and President of FIX8Group, recognized the cable disorder and sought the connectivity expertise of C2G to deliver a solution. "RapidRun (by C2G) delivers a clean, finished look that maintains the quality expected by our clients," stated Trenell. "In addition, RapidRun carries multiple signals over one runner cable which eliminated unsightly, copious cabling."

FIX8Group runs RapidRun from each of their multiple projectors in their demonstration room. The flying leads connect to the projectors while runner cables deliver the signals to wall plates for a plug and play experience with their equipment.

In addition to RapidRun, Trenell also installed the Media Gateway Connectivity Panel in the FIX8Group conference room. The Media Gateway sits on the conference table in order to accommodate the different devices clients and FIX8Group employees may bring in to project their ideas. It is a powerful all-in-one audio/video connectivity panel that enables users to easily connect laptops, iPod®/iPad®/iPhone® devices, digital/video cameras, and Blu-ray™ or DVD players. Furthermore, only one HDMI® output cable is required to accommodate the multiple A/V inputs. With this feature, the Media Gateway alleviates the unappealing look of multiple cables throughout the conference room and assists in delivering the higher end feel to customers.

Once FIX8Group attains the job—whether it is a concert, event, or show—the solution for connectivity differs from the connectivity in-house. FIX8Group utilizes numerous cables to connect all of the equipment to turn a venue into an alluring production. They have endless racks holding various cable types and lengths. In the midst of all the cables are DVI cables by C2G. FIX8Group requires DVI cables to supply the digital signals necessary for a quality event. The connectors on DVI cables possess screws in order to tightly fasten into equipment. The ability to secure the cable ensures it will not accidentally disconnect and spoil the special effects of a live event. FIX8Group has large machines such as Hippotizer, Catalyst and d3 media servers that run the entire concert for lighting, audio, and more. The company would be charged fines if cables from these machines disengaged or mistakenly unplugged.


Whether it is demonstrations at the office or a public event, FIX8Group needs to deliver superior audio and video support. C2G delivers the connectivity solutions that meet the need of FIX8Group. In addition, C2G has differentiated solutions—such as RapidRun—that eliminate multiple cabling pulls and affords the professional look needed to persuade celebrities, entertainers, and other clients to select FIX8Group as their technical experts of choice.

About FIX8Group

Since its establishment in 2002, FIX8Group has developed into a world class, show technology professional solution provider that specializes in high profile and large scale events. The FIX8Group team focuses on video system integration, lighting design, and interactive experiences as well as consultancy and content creation. With their considerable investment into high-end control equipment, FIX8Group stays on the forefront of ever-evolving technology.

About C2G

C2G, a brand of Legrand, is a global leader in Audio/Video and PC cabling and connectivity solutions since 1984. C2G delivers connectivity solutions renowned for superior quality, value, and innovation—all backed by an uncompromising commitment to customer service. C2G is widely known as the cabling and connectivity supplier of choice for industry leading integrators, technology resellers, and distributors across North America, EMEA, and Asia. In 2019 C2G joined Legrand | AV, a leading provider of innovative connectivity, mounting, racks, and display solutions for various audio video technologies. For more information, please visit C2G.

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