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Bettwy Systems Testimonial

Bettwy Systems Uses RapidRun® for Easy A/V Installations

Bettwy Systems was established in 1996. We have a variety of Audio/Video products, and mainly install them in schools and commercial buildings. Since our experience is primarily in these areas, doing business with Cables To Go is the perfect fit. We first heard about RapidRun three years ago after dealing with our Sales Representative on video projects. He told us how RapidRun could make it easier for us to do video installations.

We needed to connect a projector to the audio/video system in a classroom, and RapidRun sounded like it would get the job done right at a fair price.

After using RapidRun for the first time, we saw that the product was easy to install and the installation time was cut in half! We loved its ability to accomplish many connections with just one cable. RapidRun is by far the easiest way to connect a projector. No more worrying about pin-out or trying to get a pre-manufactured cable with a 1¼" connector through a small pipe.

We have installed several hundred RapidRun cables and have never had a bad cable or flying lead. They hold up great in the classroom, which is why we use this product in schools every day.

We recommend RapidRun to all of the school districts that we deal with. It is something that they can install themselves if we are not available.

I am very glad that RapidRun was introduced to Bettwy Systems. It hasn't let us down yet, and we don't see that ever happening.

Keep up the great work!


Tim Edmundson
Vice President, Bettwy Systems
(October 29, 2009)
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