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AV Innovations Inc. Breaks Length Limitations with AV over Cat5 

Extends Analog Signals Up to 300ft At 1920x1200 with VGA over Cat5 Solutions


As applications advance, exceeding the common limitation of various types of A/V cabling, extension solutions become necessary to employ successful installations. AV Innovations Inc., an audio/visual systems integrator located in Arizona, is constantly looking for A/V signal extension solutions that make connecting displays to source devices easy in commercial settings.

Typically, a commercial application is as simple as extending a single local monitor to an HDTV to display presentations and other media, using the A/V over Cat5 solution. Additionally, AV Innovations applies the solution to extend a signal from an equipment rack to a projector or display.

In the past, AV Innovations struggled with connecting devices supporting VGA signals at an extended distance. Other solutions touted the signal would extend up to 300 feet; however, the signal resolution was inadequate at that distance. Skip Spackeen, the VP of Business Development for AV Innovations, stated, "We look to C2G for problem-solving solutions," thus he explored the VGA over Cat5 solution from C2G to extend analog signals.


Before installing a new solution on a job site, Spackeen installs the products in an application in the AV Innovations office. Spackeen installed VGA over Cat5 inside AV Innovations headquarters by running the extender from an equipment rack to a display in his sales office. In order to insure the product could extend the desired resolution at the maximum distance, he ran the full 300 feet of cable between the transmitter and receiver ends. It proved successful as he experienced 1920x1200 resolution without signal degradation.

The VGA over Cat5 family can extend video and audio signals over Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 UTP cabling up to 300 or 500 feet without signal degradation at 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 resolutions.1 With TruPair™ technology, the solution ensures compatibility with any display. The transmitter and receiver come in both interoperable wall plate and box form factors. In addition, the TruChoice™ power provides the flexibility to power the device at either the transmitter or receiver end—an attractive feature for Spackeen. "We never know what we're going to get as far as existing power." The capability to choose at what end to power the device adds flexibility to an install. Spackeen expects to implement this solution when installing additional displays to adjacent rooms or additional screens.

With digital quickly becoming the wave of the future, "almost everything [AV Innovations] is doing is digital now." The A/V over Cat5 family is a perfect fit—the family contains both digital and analog versions, with solutions that range from VGA to RS232 to HDMI.


For future projects, AV Innovations "absolutely" plans on installing A/V over Cat5 solutions. "Price and performance-wise, the series really stacks up against competitors." Spackeen would also like to explore the digital HDMI over Cat5 solution which utilizes new HDBaseT technology. HDBaseT technology allows Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) pass through, ensuring that the content from the source is sent at the optimal resolution for the display. "We're constantly looking for extender products" and "trying to get to a point to where we're specifying some of the [HDBaseT] technology," declared Spackeen. "The technology is coming on real fast." Spackeen suspects that the HDMI over Cat5 line will be a fit in upcoming projects.

About Unified AV Innovations Inc.

AV Innovations is an audio/visual systems integrator that focuses on commercial markets such as corporate, government (federal court rooms), education, healthcare, house of worship and military. AV Innovations is located in southern Arizona and specifies and installs projects within Arizona and its adjacent states. AVI prides itself on its utilization of Professional Engineering Principals and Practices when designing and installing systems to meet needs of today and the future.

About C2G

C2G, a brand of Legrand, is a global leader in Audio/Video and PC cabling and connectivity solutions since 1984. C2G delivers connectivity solutions renowned for superior quality, value, and innovation—all backed by an uncompromising commitment to customer service. C2G is widely known as the cabling and connectivity supplier of choice for industry leading integrators, technology resellers, and distributors across North America, EMEA, and Asia. In 2019 C2G joined Legrand | AV, a leading provider of innovative connectivity, mounting, racks, and display solutions for various audio video technologies. For more information, please visit C2G.

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