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Saves Time & Space Within Patient Rooms with RapidRun

I am a Project Manager at Applied Business Communications. We have been in business for nearly 15 years, and we specialize in markets such as Healthcare, Education, Commercial and Military. Our company provides the highest quality network infrastructure solutions using voice and data structured cabling.

About 18 months ago, I began a project with Regions Hospital in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The institution had some special cabling requirements for their nurse's stations, and I needed a quick solution. I went to my vendor, who recommended RapidRun, and it was a successful solution.

The hospital had a nurse's station for every two patient rooms with about 36 patient rooms per floor, and we had to pull multiple cables from the patient rooms to nurse's stations. We were installing USB and DVI cables, and with the way the stations were constructed, the space was very limited. Maneuvering the bulky connector heads through the thin conduit would be impossible without field termination, so, we purchased RapidRun, and it worked like a charm. We even used it for some conference rooms with special media needs!

At first I was a little apprehensive to use this type of "complete cabling solution" because I had heard of failure rates with other brands from loose pin outs and such, but there were absolutely no issues with your product. The installation was efficient because the small shape of runner cables allowed them to slide through with little or no trouble, and the quality and performance of the product was better than expected.

I received positive feedback from the foreman who performed the install. Basically, there was no way he could fit the number of cables through the conduit without RapidRun. The product really saved room in the communications box, as well as saving the foreman time during each install. The best part was probably being able to avoid terminating the cables one by one.

I would highly recommend this solution to others.

Thanks for the great product!


Richard H. Krouse
Project Manager, Applied Business Communications
(December 10, 2009)

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