Apply for Tax-Exemption

Do you have a tax-exemption or reseller certificate?

In order to fully activate your account with C2G, we ask that you provide your tax-exemption or reseller certificate. For most states an exemption certificate will suffice and as a service we have linked below a blank Multijurisdictional Form. If your state does not assess sales/use tax, please provide a copy of a business license, vendor permit, or the like.

Until you complete the below AND we have updated your account to be tax-exempt, you will initially be charged any applicable tax with your C2G orders.

Create An Account

Please first create an account so that we can connect your tax-exemption status to your account.

Complete The Multijurisdictional Form

If you do not have this form, please download it here.

Check For Your State Here

Please check for your state below for any additional requirements.
Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

Send Us Your Documentation

Please attach and send your documentation to us via one of the buttons below. You may also fax it to 800.331.2841. Once you contact us, we will be in touch shortly.