RapidRun is a modular cable system that consists of a runner cable and a selection of flying leads (connectors). Designed to evolve with the components of your installation, you only have to replace the connectors, not the cable! Create an efficient system that will evolve with your needs. Order your RapidRun cables today!

RapidRun Transition

In May 2012, C2G introduced the latest version of the RapidRun® product line. RapidRun Multi-Format represents the most significant upgrade to the RapidRun cabling solution to date. With enhanced engineering that includes individually shielded pairs and an isolated ground for audio lines, this solution meets the rigorous demand for applications in which multiple audio/video devices are run over a single cable.

Though RapidRun Multi-Format and RapidRun PC cabling systems carry similar signals, due to the differences in construction these cabling systems are not directly compatible. Adapters are available as a solution for situations where components from these systems must be used together. The diagrams below illustrate how to use these adapters when mixing RapidRun Multi-Format and RapidRun PC components.

Using a RapidRun PC Runner?

This configuration is required when using RapidRun Multi-Format flying leads and wall plates with a RapidRun PC runner:

Or are you using a RapidRun Multi-Format Runner?

This configuration is required when using RapidRun PC flying leads and wall plates with a RapidRun Multi-Format runner:

RapidRun Multi-Format RapidRun Multi-Format
RapidRun PC RapidRun PC

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