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Patients Feel At Home Even If Away From It

Spending time away from home for any reason doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort, productivity, or being entertained by your favorite media. C2G understands the need to stay connected, and has solutions for those who must be away from home.

Our line of Healthcare products serve patients and their families by providing a more "at home" experience through in-room connectivity to personal audio video devices. The product line also serves nurses and doctors by offering A/V devices that are quick and easy to connect to and versitile enough to accept multiple inputs, accommodating a variety of laptops, tablets, and mobile hardware.

From server rooms and laboratories to patient rooms and nurses' stations, we design innovative connectivity solutions that meet the needs and requirements of healthcare facilities.

Why Choose C2G for Your Hospital?

Why C2G

C2G has been in the business of keeping people connected for over 25 years. Our market focus and dedication to connectivity within healthcare guarantees the products we sell are designed to meet the needs of physicians, patients, and integrators alike.

We stand behind our products, period. Pre-sale and post-sale support provides interaction with tech-savvy reps (live chat via the web, phone and even through in-person visits when necessary) ensuring your questions are always answered.

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See C2G solutions in action in applications designed to help others feel connected & comfortable away from home.

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By 2013, healthcare facilities are projected to spend approximately $83 billion annually on technology. A major driver of these updates is government mandates requiring healthcare facilities to adopt electronic medical records by 2015.

Healthcare Smart Connectivity Solutions

Discover smart healthcare connectivity solutions that: creates flexible, dependable work environments; provide optimal signal transfer and data storage; keep staff informed and connected.

Healthcare Line Card

View our healthcare catalog line card featuring RapidRun®, wall plates, digital signage, networking, fiber and power cord product solutions for use in healthcare applications.

RapidRun Line Card

View our RapidRun line card to quickly find the solution you need, including analog wall plates, digital wall plates, aluminum wall plates, adapter cables, runner extension cables, runner test cables and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare Connectivity

Aside from hospital grade power cords, what other products does C2G offer for healthcare?

We offer a range of products beyond power cords to help in multiple applications such as splitters, switches, extenders, A/V and networking cables, RS-232 cables, converters, and adapters.

What solutions can C2G provide for surveillance and security in a healthcare environment?

When a power outlet for IP cameras is not possible, our Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter can help by providing 24 watts of power on the same Cat5e/6 cable used for video (requires a POE supported camera). For applications which utilize analog based band video, our line of RCA and BNC baluns provides an economical means of transmitting video up to 1500ft away. Proximity door locks and cameras can benefit from our selection of Cat5e/6 bulk cabling available in 500ft and 1000ft boxes.

Do cables require an FDA approval for installation in healthcare environments?

Cabling not intended for direct patient use, such as those installed in or around the healthcare structure, do not require FDA approval. FDA approval may be required for cabling that comes in direct contact with a patient such as probes, sensors and fiber optic scopes.

Why is a specific type of power cable required for use in healthcare environments?

Hospital grade power cords are designed for improved grounding qualities and bend radii to prevent electrical shorts and arcs. Proper grounding is important in healthcare environments due to the presence of flammable chemicals such as solvents, disinfectants and oxygen that can ignite if exposed to an electrical arc. Grounding faults can also damage life sustaining equipment, risking the safety of patients and staff.

Can existing fiber terminations in my application be combined with your Q-Series solution?

Yes, feed-through adapter panels of common connector types such as LC, ST, SC, FC, and MTRJ, are available. Feed-through adapters allow existing fiber terminations to co-exist with Q-Series distribution modules on the same rack panel.

Will your wireless USB solution interfere with nearby rooms?

No, our Wireless USB product line signals use Ultra-Wideband technology which is unable to penetrate solid objects such as walls and ceilings. Security features of the product also prevent access from other Wireless USB devices in the same room without proper authentication.

Does C2G offer cabling with plenum rated jacketing?

Yes, we offer a range of plenum rated cabling to help in multiple applications such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, Cat5/6, RCA audio and video, and 3.5mm.

Do Devices require UL approval for installation and operating in healthcare environments?

Devices that are used in patient rooms will require a UL 60601-1 approval such as diagnostic equipment, Lighting and LCD monitors.

What is the maximum resolution supported by C2G's splitters?

VGA splitters can support a resolution as high as 2048 X 1536; while our HDMI and DVI splitters can support a resolution as high as 1920 X 1080 (1080p.)

Healthcare Networking & Connectivity Products

C2G provides a broad selection of connectivity for use in medical environments. From server rooms and laboratories to patient rooms and nurses' stations, we provide innovative connectivity solutions that meet the needs and requirements of healthcare facilities. Our devices make work easier for doctors and nurses, while providing a more "at home" experience for patients and visitors at the hospital.

Cables for both analog and digital audio and video signals, these cables are perfect for lobbys, cafeterias, conference rooms and guest rooms!

Perfect for splitting a digital or analog A/V signal across mulitple displays.

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber optic cables for use in networking PCs, printers, and monitors in a nurse's station, front office, lobby, gift shop, conference room or guest room.

For PCs and projectors, these VGA cables are perfect for replacing current cables, extending distances between devices, and upgrades. Available in multiple jacket types to meet building requirements.

Devices for extending, splitting and converting PC and A/V signals.

Power cords designed to meet the requirements for use in healthcare facilities.

A modular A/V cable system that consists of a runner cable and a selection of flying leads (connectors). Designed to evolve with the A/V devices in use by upgrading the termination only and not the in-wall cable!