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Education Solutions by C2G


Create the ultimate environment for collaboration and learning with an interactive classroom by C2G.

Schools are constantly seeking technology solutions for the classroom that make it easier for teachers to teach and for students to learn. Ever-changing technologies, coupled with shrinking budgets make technology upgrades more important and more challenging than ever before. C2G takes a holistic approach to meet the demanding requirements of the education market.

C2G provides flexible, innovative solutions for learning, sharing and collaborating environments. With a full portfolio of connectivity solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of K-12 schools, C2G can help you wire your classroom, computer lab, library or auditorium.

Why Use C2G For Education Technology & Connectivity?

School connectivity solutions from Cables To Go

Schools are constantly seeking technology solutions for the classroom that make it easier for teachers to teach and for students to learn. Ever-changing technologies, coupled with the need to offer students a better learning experience, make technology upgrades more important and more challenging than ever before. C2G is sure to meet the demanding requirements for a connectivity provider:

Solutions we provide for schools & educational institutions

  • Full solution offering — Everything you need between the source and display
  • Simplified installation — Intuitively designed products to fit any environment
  • Upgradeability — Helping bridge the gap between analog and digital
  • Warranty and technical support — Quality products and assistance you need

Don't Take Our Word for It — Real Testimonials from Real C2G Customers

Hear from our customers! Read what they have to say about using C2G classroom solutions.

"After using RapidRun for the first time, we saw that the product was easy to install and the installation time was cut in half! We loved its ability to accomplish many connections with just one cable. RapidRun is by far the easiest way to connect a projector. No more worrying about pin-out or trying to get a premanufactured cable with a 1.25" connector through a small pipe. We have installed several hundred RapidRun cables and have never had a bad cable or flying lead. They hold up great in the classroom, which is why we use this product in schools every day."  …read more.

Tim Edmundson, Bettwy Systems

"The thing I like best about RapidRun is the ease of installation of a single cable. We are a classroom integrator, so we are always looking for simple solutions for connecting projectors, screens, speakers, etc. We have a stringent quality control process, and we have found that RapidRun's consistency from room-to-room is very high, while the failure rate is slim to none. It has become company standard to use RapidRun, and we will complete another 3000 RapidRun installations between June and December 2010."  …read more.

Doug Busey, Delcom

"During the installation, RapidRun was super easy to get up and down the conduit without a pull string. Once the installation was complete, we were very pleased with the performance of the product."  …read more.

Amber Parker, Johnston Community College

"Since our first experience over two years ago, we have used RapidRun several times in our school systems. We have 42 schools, soon to be 44, and will continue to use RapidRun for future projects. I should mention that the school where we first used RapidRun was demolished, but before it was destroyed, we made sure to retrieve the RapidRun cables from the building to use for something else. It truly is that valuable!"  …read more.

Wayne Chamberlain, North Carolina School District College

"In three and a half years, I cannot recall a time that we've had a bad cable from you guys. The performance has been extremely solid to say the least. We've never had to revisit an installation because of the cabling."  …read more.

Keith Elgart, Tequipment District College

Literature & Articles About Education Connectivity

Control and Connectivity for the Classroom Brochure

Tailored Technology for Evolving Education — A complete selection of connectivity products that meet the requirements of the education market.

Complete Product Solutions for the Classroom Brochure

C2G offers a complete line of value-engineered education products — because technology shouldn't interrupt learning.

Classic Series Brochure

The Classic Series offers a complete line of A/V cabling and wall plates designed for cost-sensitive education applications. Classic is a perfect fit for tight spaces in classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums.

Education Products Line Card

Find the product you need quickly with our education line card. Product lines included: Classic Series (cables, wall plates, flying leads and more), RapidRun (runners and wall plates), wireless solutions and USB superboosters.

Education Solutions for The Most Challenging Customer Questions

Find the products that your customers' applications need with our easy-to-use guide.

What Is RapidRun® Optical?

RapidRun Optical is an all fiber digital solution for the classrooms of today that want to be ready for tomorrow. Capable of distances up to 1000ft, 18Gbps bandwidth, and 4k video resolution.

Wireless Solutions Guide

Solve common needs in the classroom with wireless solutions to allow for greater collaboration, interactivity, and learning among students and educators.

Wiremold® Brochure

Our expanded offering of Wiremold cable management products coupled with our already comprehensive product portfolio makes classroom connectivity easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions about Education Connectivity Applications

With RapidRun, Classic Series and Wireless USB, what is the best application for each?

Our RapidRun product line is designed for applications with conduit for cable installation due to its modular design, eliminating the need for field termination. RapidRun's multipurpose runner cable is a perfect fit for applications where a future upgrade path is desired.

For applications where cable is installed in a raceway or specified for pass-through termination, our Classic Series product is a perfect fit. Low profile connector design makes installation in wall boxes effortless. When mobility is desired or cabling is not possible, our Wireless USB solution offers a safe and reliable means of connectivity in any learning, sharing or collaborating environment.

What solutions does C2G offer for the installation of interactive whiteboards?

We offer numerous products to assist with connectivity of interactive whiteboards. Solutions include USB Superbooster® extenders and Wireless USB and SMART ECP extension cabling. USB Superboosters provide an easy means of exceeding the length limitations of USB cabling to allow flexible placement of an interactive whiteboard up to 150ft away from the computer. When cabling is not possible or mobility desired, our Wireless USB solution provides 30ft of connectivity from the user's computer. Specific models of SMART brand interactive boards can benefit from our ECP extension cabling to assist with distant placement of the projector from the ECP switch.

What are the advantages of Classic Series' low profile connectors as compared to other cable products?

Competitor cabling with full form factor connectors requires deep wall mount boxes to accommodate large connector dimensions as well as the cable bend radii. Congestion in wall mount boxes strains the cabling near the connector resulting in damage which can cause signal and performance issues. Classic Series' low profile connector design reduces the need for deep wall mount boxes and reduces the amount of congestion in wall mount boxes. The result is easier installation and less strain on cabling.

Aside from classrooms, what other solutions does C2G offer for K-12 settings?

We offer a range of products to help in multiple applications beyond the classroom environment such as wiring closets, digital signage, libraries, conference rooms, faculty offices and auditoriums. Products such as Cat5e/6 patch cords, patch panels and network switches are ideal for wiring closet applications, while products such as our VGA over Cat5 and WDSDS are perfect for digital signage throughout the building. Library environments can benefit from our KVM over Cat5 solution, allowing computer cases to be places in a remote location, saving space and reducing the risk of infection from outside media. Conference rooms and auditoriums can benefit from our Wireless USB products for total mobility of the presenter. Our USB docking station provides a universal and economical means for mobile users, while our USB to VGA adapter offers a safe and convenient way to add a second monitor for desktop users in an office.

What solutions can C2G provide for surveillance and security in an educational environment?

When a power outlet for IP cameras is not possible, our Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter can help by providing 24 watts of power on the same Cat5e/6 cable used for video (requires a POE supported camera). For applications which utilize analog based band video, our line of RCA and BNC baluns provides an economical means of transmitting video up to 1500ft away. Proximity door locks and cameras can benefit from our selection of Cat5e/6 bulk cabling available in 500ft and 1000ft boxes.

Will your Wireless USB solution interfere with other classrooms?

No, our Wireless USB product line signals use Ultra-Wideband technology which is unable to penetrate solid objects such as walls and ceilings. Security features of the product also prevent access from other Wireless USB devices in the same room without proper authentication.

Education & Classroom Products

C2G provides flexible, innovative solutions for learning, sharing and collaborating. With a full portfolio of connectivity solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of K-12 schools, we can help you wire your classroom, computer lab, library or auditorium.

The most popular cables for use with in-room DVD players, projectors, televisions and all other audio video devices.

The Audio/Video Controller and its accessories are designed to provide control of all A/V equipment in a single room at a single location.

Classroom audio amplifiers for use with in-room speakers to distribute audio around the entire room.

Long length networing cables, speaker wire, and accessories for installers who are working in the field.

For use with classroom computers and projectors, these VGA, composite and 3.5mm audio cables are perfect for replacing current cables, extending distances between devices and upgrades.

Designed to extend a USB signal upt to 150ft, these devices are perfect for use with interactive whiteboards. Available in both wallplate and transmitter/receiver dongle form factors.

A modular A/V cable system that is designed to evolve with the A/V devices in your classroom by upgrading the termination only and not the in-wall cable.

Long length networing and optic cabling and accessories for installers who are working in the field.

Wall/ceiling mount speakers for use in the classroom with an audio amplifer.