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Getting your message out to the masses has never been more important or easier to do. Digital displays are popping up everywhere from schools and restaurants to airports and billboards on the freeway! Regardless of whether you're trying to reach a customer in a fast food restaurant or a patient in a waiting room, C2G has a digital signage solution for you.

C2G offers a full line of digital signage infrastructure and distribution solutions ranging from network cable to devices such as video splitters, extenders and distribution amplifiers. Our award-winning modular cabling solution, RapidRun®, is an innovative audio/video cabling system that allows multiple signals over a single Runner cable, saving installation time and space.

Why Choose C2G for Your Digital Signage Application?

Why C2G

C2G has been in the business of keeping people connected for over 25 years. Our market focus and dedication to connectivity within digital signage guarantees the products we sell are designed to meet the needs of architects, content providers and integrators alike.

We stand behind our products, period. Pre-sale and post-sale support provides interaction with tech-savvy reps (live chat via the web, phone and even through in-person visits when necessary) ensuring your questions are always answered.

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Your digital displays are important to your business. Luckily, our connectivity solutions help you maximize the potential of your displays. Watch our YouTube video below to learn the difference and benefits provided by using A/V over Cat 5, and why our product is the best choice for your digital displays.


Digital Signage Articles - Digital Signage Solutions From C2G

Learn how C2G can provide solutions to your digital signage challenges. We offer a variety of products tailored for digital signage, which can help spread the word in a much more reliable fashion. View our digital signage catalog to browse through our products in a PDF file, or learn about how we can make networking and connectivity easier with your digital displays.

Digital Signage Catalog & Digital Signage Cutsheet

C2G is committed to helping you succeed by providing expert service and highly profitable connectivity solutions - solutions that help you grow your business. You most likely know us for our quality cables, but you may not know that C2G also offers a large selection of highly profitable active devices to help you solve the Digital Signage mystery.

RapidRun Brochure

RapidRun is the most complete audio/video cabling system - built to save installation time, accommodate changes, and reduce the likelihood of return service calls due to faulty field terminations

Network Cable Matrix

Find the networking cable you need with ease. Choose your cable type, color, length and find the sku you need to complete your network.

Wireless Line

C2G wireless solutions offer reliable wireless transmission of data, audio and video signals. We employ a variety of wireless technologies to ensure the best performance for many different applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Signage

With RapidRun, Classic Series and Wireless USB, what is the best application for each?

Digital Signage is a means of communicating information to viewers through an electronic format rather than through printed material. Information can include transportation arrival and departure times, restaurant menus and product and service advertisements. Digital Signage offers the benefit of communicating more than one message using the same display, and offers the ability to quickly and easily make and implement changes in content.

What equipment is required to build a Digital Signage system?

Equipment varies based on environment in which it will be used as well as the specific user's requirements and expectations. However, common equipment includes a media player to provide content to the system, a distribution device such as a splitter unit and connectivity infrastructure, whether it is wireless or wired.

Is there a maximum recommended distance that a Digital Signage display can be placed?

The maximum distance a display can be placed varies by the connectivity method, signal type used and desired resolution. Using a device which carries video and audio signals over a UTP cable can exceed the limitations of conventional cabling offering distance of 200ft with digital signals and 1,000ft with analog!

Is there a limit to the number of displays that can be used on a Digital Signage system?

There is no defined limitation as to the number of displays that can be used in a digital signage system. Some digital signage systems can be as few as one display and as many as a hundred.

Can a Digital Signage system have more than one source for content?

Yes, a digital signage system does not have to be confined to just one message. In some applications a series of content players are used to provide a multitude of unique content to different displays in different locations. An example of this might be a grocery store in which displays may be placed in the deli as well as the cereal aisle with each display running its own advertisements and special promotions.

What are the benefits of using a computer or media player instead of a DVD player in a Digital Signage system?

One of the benefits of digital signage is the ability to change content quickly and easily. With a DVD player the content needs to be created on a computer and then written to a disk. If the content needs to be changed, then the disk's content is no longer desired and a new disk must be written. The process of writing new content to a disk impedes on the ability to deliver fast and up to date information to viewers. Computers offer the ability to deliver new content promptly without the need to write materials.

What applications can benefit from Digital Signage?

Digital signage can be used for a multitude of applications ranging from informational boards in airports to menu boards at fast food restaurants. Any application that requires printed signage can benefit from Digital Signage. Retail stores use digital signage to promote key products with eye catching video content. In the medical field digital signage can be used as a powerful and entertaining method for delivering information to patents in a waiting room.

What is the technique used to set up one large image comprised of multiple monitors?

The technique used to create large images with multiple monitors is called a "Video Wall". A video wall can be created using a computer with multiple graphics cards and software or the use of a single video processor unit.

What is Digital Signage over IP and what are the benefits?

Digital Signage over IP uses networking infrastructure to distribute and maintain the system. Administrators of the system benefit by having the power of remote access for content player maintenance. With an IP-based solution, administrators can link media players to specific displays without physically switching the connection providing flexibility and ease of use.

Can Digital Signage be connected using wireless technology?

Yes, Digital Signage can be wireless for the benefit of convenience; however, it can impose a limit in terms of maximum distance. Depending on the technology used, the signal range may be limited up to 150ft. The building's structure may also place limits on wireless distance and efficiency. Structures made of brick or concrete may experience limited connectivity when passing signals through its walls with wireless. For long distances and structural issues, a wired connection using Cat5/6 cabling is recommended.

How can control functions on displays be used in Digital Signage such as turning them on and off?

Functions on a display can be controlled using RS232 communication through a 9-pin connection found on most commercial displays. A controller unit can be connected allowing a user to turn power on and off on the displays from a single remote location.

How can a live cable or satellite TV broadcast be added to my digital signage solution?

The use of a TV tuner on the content player can be used to receive satellite and cable TV broadcasts. Software designed for Digital Signage systems can be programmed to obtain audio and video content of a specific input on the tuner in order to broadcast at a specific time and channel.

Digital Signage Products & Solutions

C2G carries a variety of connectivity products that are tailor made for digital displays. Through our connectivity solutions, we can help create an at-home experience for your guests by giving them what they want most; a room where they can work, play, and kick back and relax with their media devices.

Cables for both analog and digital audio and video signals, these cables are perfect for lobbys, restaurants, transportation, retail and corporate.

Wireless A/V device for distributing audio and video to digital signage displays.

Bulk network cable, VGA cable, Plenum cable, coax cable, speaker wire, taperwire, and cable dispensers and management.

VGA cables designed to accommodate difficult angles and for use in Plenum spaces, these PC cables are perfect for short and long runs.

Devices for splitting, extending, switching, converting and controlling your PC signal(s) from mulitple sources to mulitple devices.

A modular A/V cable system that consists of a runner cable and a selection of flying leads (connectors). Designed to evolve with the A/V devices in use by upgrading the termination only and not the in-wall cable! Available in both analog and digital solutions.