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Stay in touch with those you care about with C2G.

Connecting with family and friends is a welcome respite allowing you to share happy news, provide comfort, or even play games. These considerations can help to optimize your setup and provide the best connection.
Camera Setup

Ensuring that your camera has the best angle to capture everyone in frame may require it to be placed at a distance from the computer that is too far away or too close for the cable that is included. Using optimal length cables ensures that the camera is placed in the best location and reduces potential tripping hazards caused by loose cables.
Audio Video Connection

Connecting your laptop or tablet to a TV makes sure that everyone can more easily see and hear without crowding around the screen.
Wired Network Connection

Using a wired network connection for the laptop or tablet helps to reduce the likelihood of a dropped signal while also limiting buffering that could interrupt your connection.
Power & Charging

It's important to have enough ports available for all devices. This helps to ensure that all devices receive the power they need to operate and remained charged.

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