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Five years of warranty coverage provides the ultimate peace of mind


Dayton, OH — August 19, 2020 — C2G today announced that all C2G USB-C Docking Stations sold after this date will be covered by a 5-year warranty. The increase from three years to five years is the result of ongoing quality initiatives that are yielding increases in product reliability. "It's about providing quality products" said Gary Hess, Vice President & General Manager–C2G, "We rigorously test and qualify all of our USB-C Docking Stations before adding them to our portfolio. We want to leverage that to provide our customers with the peace of mind that we stand behind all of our docking stations."

For customers, the industry leading combination of reliability and coverage provides key benefits. Customers can feel confident that C2G USB-C docking stations meet the reliability expectations they have of all other computer equipment. Also, customers can rely on the increased convenience that, even in the unlikely event of a claim, they will be covered.

The portfolio of C2G USB-C Docking Stations ranges from compact docking stations that are a perfect pair for Chromebooks to support learning from home, to full featured docking stations that pair with high-performance laptops to support working from anywhere–providing dual-display support, wired network connectivity, and USB ports for all of your peripherals.

To see the complete C2G USB-C docking station portfolio, visit USB-C Docking Stations

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Robb Mays
Product Marketing | C2G

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