C2G's Commitment 
To The Environment

Committed to Leading The Industry In Minimizing Environmental Impact

As a company, we strive to meet or exceed all environmental legislations–both within the countries we do business in, and around the globe–and we encourage the adoption of similar principles by our suppliers. Our commitment to compliance with environmental directives such as RoHS, R.E.A.C.H., and WEEE–just to name a few–and our ability to provide our customers with the necessary product compliance documentation upon request, help to make C2G your environmentally friendly choice for all of your cabling and connectivity needs!

Now, as a brand of Legrand, C2G has deepened their commitment to the environment. As an organization, Legrand builds sustainability into everything we do. We're committed to developing solutions that enable high performance buildings, reducing the environmental impact of our own operations and transforming how people live and work–more safely, more comfortably, and more efficiently.

You can request compliance documents for products that we sell at any point in time, whether you have purchased from us, a partner, or are just considering choosing C2G.

Better Operations

We do more than set goals, we set examples. We're committed to optimizing the way we manage energy, water, and waste because it's good for the environment and good for business.

Better Performance

Legrand's products and systems enable buildings to reach exceptional levels of efficiency, durability, productivity, and occupant well-being—and equally high sustainability standards.

Better Lives

Legrand works to enhance both employee and community welfare through programs that help people enjoy healthier, more productive, and more rewarding lives.

Learn more about RoHS and REACH.

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