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A Legrand Global IoT Program

Eliot is a Legrand global IoT program that encompasses our ambition, guides our cloud strategy, drives our product innovation, and fosters our partnerships in the IoT space. It mobilizes our capabilities, speeds our development of connected devices, and amplifies our communications wherever the Internet of Things can enhance the value for users and professional customers.
What Does Eliot Mean?

Eliot is the name of the Legrand program dedicated to connected devices. The name is an amalgamation of Electricity, stemming from Legrand’s 100+ year history as an electrical manufacturer, and IoT, the “Internet of Things” which contains embedded technology to sense, collect, communicate and, exchange data locally or with external environments, without human interaction affecting our daily life.
Enhancing The Product's Value In Use

The aim of Eliot is not only the production of connected devices. The communication capacity added to the product should increase the benefit for the user.
Designing Simple Devices That Are Intuitive & Easy To Install

C2G's products are characterized by their simplicity, and ease of use and installation. Our connected devices are also very intuitive.
Respecting The User

Consistent with its values, respect for the user is an imperative for C2G and Legrand. Eliot thus contributes to preserving the confidentiality of data.