New Technology Products


Learn What Emerging Products & Technology Trends You Need To Know About.

Audio Reinforcement

Audio Reinforcement

We offer everything your application needs for a complete end to end audio solution.

A/V over Cat5 Networking Cables

A/V over Cat5

Watch the video and read about how these A/V networking cables extend a signal up to 300ft using Cat5 cable.

Chromebook Adapters

Chromebook Adapters

Easily adapt a Chromebook to connect to an HDTV, a wired network or other devices to send and receive data.

New Technology Products - Data Center Networking Cables

Data Center Cables

Our new technology products that include data center networking cables for high speed network communications.



Extend an HDMI audio/video signal up to 90M at 1080p with HDBaseT product solutions.

HDMI 2.0 Networking Cables

HDMI 2.0

Learn about differences in HDMI cabling, HDMI specifications, features, and HDMI network cable construction.

HDMI Extensions

HDMI Extensions

Is your HDMI limited to 15M? Not anymore. Learn about solutions that will take an HDMI signal up to 90M.

MHL® & SlimPort®

MHL® & SlimPort®

Connect a mobile device to the HDMI port on a display using MHL technology.



Stream high definition a/v content from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to a display.

C2G OneFit A/V

OneFit A/V

A single solution for the audio/video and control infrastructure made easy for your needs.

RapidRun Multi-Format Audio/Video Cables

RapidRun® Multi-Format

RapidRun solutions optimized for high-density, multi-format signal applications over a single cable.

RapidRun Optical Cables

RapidRun Optical

Learn about the Leanest-Longest, Fastest-Strongest Modular Cabling System on the Planet.

New Technology Products - TruLink A/V Controller

TruLink® A/V Controller

Learn why the TruLink A/V Controller is the perfect fit for the K-12 classroom.

USB 3.0 New Technology Product

USB 3.0

Learn about differences between USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 as well as the specifications and features of USB 3.0.

USB 3.1 Specification

USB 3.1

Discover the speed, power, & additional support USB 3.1 will bring to the future of your connectivity.