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1000ft Dual RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial Cable - In-Wall CMG-Rated

Make two cable runs at one time - saves installation time! Great for dual LNB satellite installations!

Product Description

Our dual RG6/U quad shield cable is ideal for antenna, cable television and satellite installations. Make two cable runs at one time for dual LNB satellite or satellite and antenna installations. This cable has an 18 AWG copper clad steel center conductor surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. A bonded aluminum foil and 60% aluminum braid over another foil and 40% alumninum braid provide 100% shield coverage. Use for CL1, CL2, CM, CMX and CMG installations. Swept tested to 3 GHz to ensure performance at applicable frequencies. To help you keep track of cable used, the cable jacket is sequentially marked every two feet.

Product Specifications

Color : Black
Length : 1000.00 Foot
UPC : 757120430681
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 84.210 LB
• Inner Conductor: 1/1.02 mm (18 AWG) Copper Clad Steel
• Insulation: 4.57mm foam PE
• Outer Conductor: Al/P-Foil (bonded) + 0.12mm x 80 Al wire braiding + Al/P/Al-Foil + 0.12mm x 48 Al wire braiding
• Coverage: 60% + 40%
• Sheath: 7.62mm black PVC (CMG CL2)
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