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RapidRun® Dual Din 15 + 12 Wall Plate - White

Maximize the capability of your runner cable and quickly change the function of the cable installation by only changing the wall plate!
(1) RapidRun 15-pin Female, (1) RapidRun 12-pin Female
(1) RapidRun 15-pin Male, (1) RapidRun 12-pin Male

Product Description

CAD DrawingRapidRun® is designed to be the standard for in-wall audio/video installations. The RapidRun system empowers you to customize your installation to create your own ideal audio/video solution. Break-away flying leads and wall plates ensure flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment.

Quickly change the function of the cable installation by only changing the wall plate!

Please Note: Each complete RapidRun solution requires a break-away flying lead or wall plate to terminate each end of the runner cable. For each runner you will need (2) break-away flying leads, (2) wall plates, OR (1) break-away flying lead and (1) wall plate.
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Product Specifications

Color : White
UPC : 757120421115
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.420 LB
For more detailed specifications, please read this.
• Color Code: Yellow (for use with PC Runners) and Blue (for use with Multimedia Runners)
• Supports transmission of multiple formats of video signals
• Fits into a standard J-box
• Compatible with Leviton Decora® brand cover plates. Decora® is a registered trademark of Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. This product is not manufactured or endorsed by the Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
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