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RapidRun® PC 15-pin Din (Yellow and Orange) M/M Coupler


Product Features

Connect two RapidRun PC runners together for quick solutions in the field
• Allows two runner cables to be coupled for added length
• Compatible with RapidRun Multi-Format (orange) and RapidRun PC
• Compact design
(1) RapidRun 15-pin Male
(1) RapidRun 15-pin Male

Product Description

CAD DrawingAs projects are modified or upgrades are required, your customers deserve effective solutions to accommodate their existing cabling system. Now you can offer a RapidRun runner coupler that will connect two RapidRun runners together to customize the distance per your customer's needs. Use this coupler for RapidRun PC (Yellow) applications.

Connector 1: RapidRun 15-pin Din MaleConnector 2: RapidRun 15-pin Din Male

Please Note: The video source equipment and cable length will play a part in the quality of the video image on the display. Be aware of the limitations of your equipment and the effect of the additional cable on the picture quality of your display.
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Product Specifications

Color : Nickel
UPC : 757120420583
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.090 LB
For more detailed specifications, please read this.
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