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75ft Composite Video and Stereo Audio Cable with Low Profile Connectors M/M - In-Wall CMG-Rated

Designed to provide easier in-wall installations where CMG rating is required

(1) RCA Composite Video Male, (1) RCA Stereo Audio Male

(1) RCA Composite Video Male, (1) RCA Stereo Audio Male

Product Description

Audio/video installations in educational and commercial settings often require in-wall rated cable. Our CMG-rated line was specifically engineered to meet this requirement while overcoming common challenges faced by installers in these environments. Low-Profile connectors (1.41" in total depth) save valuable space in the gang box.

This cable is constructed from three 75 Ohm coaxial cables using 26AWG center conductors and features a tinned copper braid that provides 92% coverage over a foil shield. This protects the cable from any EMI/RFI interference and ensures that the highest quality signal is transferred for optimal audio/video performance.

CMG rated cables meet many NEC requirements for Communications Cables General Purpose in wall use. Our cables meet the following ratings: CMG, FT4, CM, CL3, CL2, CMX, CL3X, and CL2X.

Always check with your local authority on building requirements to verify cable requirements before beginning any installation.
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Product Specifications

Color : Black
Length : 75.00 Foot
UPC : 757120401193
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 4.538 LB
Connectors: 3 RCA
Low Profile Connector Length: 1.41' RCA connectors
Colors: Red, White, Yellow

System Requirements

Jacket Ratings: CMG, FT4, CM, CL3, CL2, CMX, CL3X, CL2X
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