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4-Panel Wallmount Box (TAA Compliant)

Provides security and protection of your zone or horizontal fiber optic terminations

Product Description

Featuring a guaranteed-for-life, 100% heavy duty steel construction, this wallmount enclosure secures 4 breakout modules in the horizontal or zone distribution areas. It features a low profile that requires little wall space, as well as a large routing space for accessible patch cabling entrance. Top and bottom grommet holes provide easy entrance for the horizontal trunk cables. Incorporated spool rings can secure and store excess cable lengths with a safe bend radius. An easy access front latching door with knockouts is provided for optional locks.
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TAA Compliant

Product Specifications

Color : Black
UPC : 757120391074
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : Quiktron
Weight : 7.783 LB
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Product Dimensions
•14” x 3.6” x 11.5”
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