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S-Video Screw Terminal Decorative Wall Plate - White (TAA Compliant)

4-pin s-video jack with a screw terminal block adds a professional finish to your installation!
(1) S-Video Female
(1) S-Video Female

Product Description

Add the finishing touch to your home theater installations. This insert is stamped from 20 gauge steel and painted to match your room decor. Use it in standard electrical boxes or mud rings, and with standard decorative wall plates for easy installation. With a 4-pin s-video jack on the front and screw-terminal block on the back, this insert is simple to install and use.
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TAA Compliant

Product Specifications

Color : White
UPC : 757120370567
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.110 LB

Product Uses

Use for home theater, office and school installations.
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