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6ft FlexUSB™ USB 2.0 A/B Cable

With 180° rotation, our FlexUSB cable connects your USB devices in almost any position!
(1) USB-A Male
(1) USB-B Male

Product Description

This is the world's first USB A/B cable with a flexible connector! With patented FlexConnex™ technology, the FlexUSB cable can be used in difficult-to-reach and confined spaces. Don't worry about inconvenient locations or awkward orientation of your USB ports. The FlexUSB cable is the ideal solution for connecting your USB devices to your laptop, PC, or Mac® and to plug into an open USB port from any angle.

Use it with portable USB storage devices, CD/ DVD drives, MP3 players, wireless devices, external input, mice etc. With +/- 90° horizontal and vertical hinges, you can connect your USB devices in a position most convenient for you. Ratcheting positions provide stability to hold the adapter in the position you desire. Get your FlexUSB cable today and be on your way to simplifying your connections!
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Product Specifications

Color : Black
Length : 6.00 Foot
UPC : 757120305132
Warranty : 1 Year
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.180 LB
• Works on both Windows® and Mac® platforms including the MacBook® Air (MBA) USB port
• Compatible with USB 2.0
• US Patent 7494343
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