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TruLink® VGA + Stereo Audio + Serial RS232 over Cat5 Extender Four Port Box Transmitter

Extend VGA video, Stereo Audio and Serial RS232 control signals to up to 4 displays at up to 300ft or 500ft at a 1920x1200 video resolution

(1) VGA Female, (1) 3.5mm Stereo Female, (1) DB9 Female

(8) RJ-45 Female

Product Description

The TruLink® VGA + Stereo Audio + Serial RS232 over Cat5 Four port transmitter allows VGA video, Stereo Audio and Serial RS232 signals to be extended over Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 unshielded twisted pair cables up to 300ft or 500ft at a 1920x1200 resolution*. This solution is compatible with any operating system and is truly plug and play with no drivers or software required. The receivers are available in either a wall plate or box form factor and are interoperable with this transmitter allowing this solution to meet the needs of the installation environment In addition, this solution utilizes TruChoice™ power providing the flexibility to power at either the transmitter or receiver end. TruPair™ technology allows the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) signals, i.e. communication of the display‚Äôs capabilities, to be communicated, ensuring that the content from the source is sent at the optimal resolution for the display. Built-in power surge protection and high ground loop immunity ensure high performance signal extension. The DB9 Serial RS232 port supports full-duplex data communication at 230Kbps and is fully compatible with all RS232 protocols. Point-to-point or multi-drop data communication is supported.

*Longer distances can be achieved at lower resolutions.

Note: Stranded Cat5e/6 cables may be used for extension applications up to 250ft. Shielded, solid conductor Cat5e/6 cabling is recommended for applications where the Cat5e/6 cable must be coiled, is run near other high-frequency signaling cables or in high EMI/RFI environments. For best performance use a Cat6 Solid Shielded Patch Cable

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TAA Compliant

Product Specifications

Color : Blue
UPC : 757120293804
Warranty : 3 Years
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 2.728 LB
• Download a PDF with the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab
Signal Specifications

• Video Signal Support - VGA
• Audio Signal Support - Stereo Audio
• Control Signal Support - Serial RS232
• Maximum Video Resolution - 1920x1080 or 1920x1200
• Maximum Cable Distance - 300ft
• Recommended Category Cable - Solid Cat5e or Cat6
Power Adapter Specifications

• Input Voltage - 100-240V
• Output Voltage/Amperage - 18V, 1.0A
• Cable Length - 1.5m
• Plug Diameter - 4.75mm
• Center Pin Polarity - Positive
Physical Characteristics

• Video Port - HD15 Female
• Audio Port - 3.5mm Female
• Control Port - DB9 Female
• Data Ports - RJ45 Female x 2

System Requirements

• Source device with a standard VGA video, stereo audio, and serial RS232 outputs
• One transmitter, box or wall plate• Two standard UTP cables* of identical length
• At least one receiver, box or wall plate
• Display device with a standard VGA, stereo audio, and RS232 inputs
*CAT6 is recommended for this product. Cat5e can be used without significant impact to image quality. STP cabling is recommended for environments with high EMI or RFI.

Product Uses

•Conference rooms
•Corporate environments
•Houses of worship
•Digital signage

Package Contents

• Transmitter Unit
• Power Adapter
• Mounting Bracket Pack with Screws
• Rubber Feet Pack
• User Manual
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