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13W3 Male to HD15 Female Pinning Adapter

Quality you can count on.
(1) 13W3 Male
(1) VGA Female

Product Description

For this adapter to work, your PC monitor must be capable of supporting Sun®'s scan rates and composite sync. Sun's scan rates are 61.8 kHz horizontal and 66 Hz vertical which eliminates flicker. Composite sync is horizontal and vertical sync combined. NOTE: If your PC monitor cannot scan at Sun's rates and support composite sync, the adapter alone will not work.

However you can call Integrix at 805-375-1055 to get a video card that will allow your PC device to adapt to a Sun workstation. Works with the NEC6FGP and NEC5FGP PC monitors, (in certain instances) with an SGI workstation and a PC monitor that can support sync on green, or with an SGI monitor (with a removable cable) to a PC workstation.
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Product Specifications

Color : Beige
UPC : 757120282785
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.120 LB
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