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Composite Video and RCA Stereo Audio Solder Type Decorative Wall Plate - Ivory

Insert with three solder-style RCA jacks for a professional finish to your installation!
(1) RCA Composite Video Female, (1) RCA Stereo Audio Female
(1) RCA Composite Video Female, (1) RCA Stereo Audio Female

Product Description

Add the finishing touch to your home theater installation with this insert for composite audio/video. Use for home theater, multimedia classrooms, and conference rooms for digital audio, composite video, stereo audio, audio/video and component video applications. Run your cable system through your walls and make your connections cleanly without the mess and clutter of external cabling. Mount this insert in a standard electrical box or mud ring, and finish with a standard decorative wall plate.

This multimedia insert is made from high-impact plastic, and is colored to match the room decor. Plus, it provides a stylish and practical way to connect your home theater system. The jacks are gold-plated and color-coded for easy identification, and feature solder terminals on the back for a reliable connection.

Product Specifications

Color : Ivory
UPC : 757120039549
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.060 LB
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