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Tax-exemption Forms

Learn how you can apply for tax-exemption on your new C2G account.

In order to fully activate your account and receive your full account benefits with C2G, we ask that you provide your tax-exemption or reseller certificate. For most states an exemption certificate will suffice and as a service we have linked below a blank Multijurisdictional form. If your state does not assess sales/use tax, please provide a copy of a business licenses, vendors permit, or the like.

If you do not have a C2G account, please first create an account so that we can connect your tax-exemption status to your account.

Please note additional proper sale documentation are required for the following states:

  • Indiana: Completed ST105 or the SSTGB form F0003
  • Louisiana: Copy of your state issued R-1064
  • Massachusetts: Completed ST-4 or ST-12
  • Mississippi: Copy of your state issued Sales Tax Permit
  • New York: Completed ST-120 or ST-121
  • Virginia: Completed ST-10 or ST-11
  • West Virginia: Completed SSTGB Form F0003
  • Wyoming: Completed SSTGB Form F0003

The additional forms noted below are also required in conjunction with the Multijurisdictional form for the following states:

  • Florida: Copy of your signed Annual Resale Certificate
  • New Mexico: Copy of your Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate executed by the State

If you are a reseller, please download & send your completed form(s) as an attachment to reselleractivation@c2g.com or fax to 800.331.2841.

All other customers we request use taxexemption@c2g.com to send their completed form(s) to or fax to 800.331.2841.

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