Internal and external PC cables for connecting a PC to peripheral devices, monitors, printers, projectors, hubs and other devices with USB, DVI, Serial, Firewire, parallel, SCSI, displayport or LFH59 connectors

USB (209)

USB-C and USB 3.1 Coming Soon!! C2G carries USB products that use the newest technology on the market. We have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables and hubs, USB adapters for connecting any peripheral, and USB extenders for sending a USB signal up to 150ft over Cat5 cable!

C2G Thunderbolt cables are available in lengths up to 6.6 feet, carry both audio/video and data signals while supporting a bandwidth of up to 20Gbps

Connectivity solutions for plugging CD-ROM and floppy drives into your PC.

DisplayPort cables, Mini DisplayPort cables, adapters, extenders and couplers for connecting DVI, HDMI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort and standard DisplayPort devices to a digital display

DVI (83)

DVI connects digital or analog sources to high-definition displays. View our DVI selection to connect, split, extend, or adapt your DVI signal.

Firewire (9)

IEEE-1394a FireWire selection including 4-pin DV cable, 6-pin, 6-pin to 4-pin, 9-pin FireWire 800, 9-pin to 6-pin, 9-pin to 4-pin, controller cards and active FireWire extensions.

AT & PS/2 keyboard and mouse cables; plus 8-pin mini din serial cables

Cables for projectors and multiple monitors with extended desktop.

DB15 video cables, commonly used for Mac computers

Find different solutions for your IEEE-1284 type connections ranging from DB25 to centronics.

SCSI (24)

Internal, External, SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3 plus Serial-Attached SCSI

Serial RS232 (210)

DB, null modem, and other serial cables, adapters and couplers used with PC parallel and serial connectors.

Serial ATA (40)

Serial ATA, eSATA, and SATA products for use with internal PC components.

VGA (232)

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is the minimum standard resolution for PCs today, and is supported by most computers. VGA cables are typically used to connect a computer to the monitor or to connect a computer to a projector.

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