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HDMI Cables

High Speed and Standard Speed HDMI cables in lengths up to 50 feet or 10 meters, designed for source to display connectivity in commercial, home theater, and desktop applications

In an effort to further simplify connectivity, C2G has categorized its HDMI product offering to make it even easier to select the ideal connectivity solutions for every application. C2G, C2G Sel, and C2G Pro lines allow the C2G product set to be easily identified by application, from the basic to commercial, and the specialty to professional.

C2G Products
C2G Products

Affordable and basic connectivity solutions

The C2G line features core connectivity solutions ideal for desktop audio/video applications in the home or office. When a simple connection needs to be made from point A to point B, this practical line helps you do just that without paying for more than is needed.

C2G Products
C2G SEL Products

Innovative connectivity solutions designed with specialty applications in mind

C2G Select offers a line of connectivity solutions designed to meet the needs of specialty installations. Featuring innovative connectors, higher resolutions, and required jacket ratings - this line makes even the trickiest home or commercial install simpler.

C2G Products
C2G PRO Products

Professional grade products with maximum resolutions at maximum distances

When ultimate performance is key, C2G Pro offers the connectivity solutions needed to get the job done. This line meets various jacket rating requirements and longer run needs, with uninterrupted performance - ideal for commercial environments such as academic institutions, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and corporations.

  Specifications C2G C2G SEL C2G PRO
  Basic A/V & Desktop Connectivity    
  Speciality Connectors    
  In-Wall Rated    
  Plenum Rated    
  Longer Lengths  

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