Bulk Cable Connectors

C2G has a wide array of Audio Video and PC connectors for terminating bulk cable runs in the field or in the home. From pro audio connectors such as XLR to DIN connectors for PC applications, we have the connectors needed to finish the job and get a signal from point A to point B.

10 piece multipack of 3.5mm audio connectors

Adapt to RCA, or couple two BNC cables for a longer connection

D-sub DB9, DB25, DB15, and DB37 gender changers and adapters

Compression coaxial connectors plus f-type couplers and adapters

Networking adapters for Cat5E, RJ45, RJ11 & RJ12 couplers

Complete your PC projects with this array of flat ribbon and DIN/Mini DIN conenctors

Make your video installations and projects a breeze with these easy to use RCA video connectors.

Solder and screw-on speaker wire connectors

Standard and right angle male and female XLR connectors

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