Bulk Cable

Bulk cable products and accessories from C2G include everything that's needed to run, terminate and test cables in the field. We carry boxes of networking and coaxial cable up to 1000ft, cable dispensers and tools, adapters and couplers, and cable management hardware for a professional finish.

C2G has a wide array of Audio Video and PC connectors for terminating bulk cable runs in the field or in the home. From pro audio connectors such as XLR to DIN connectors for PC applications, we have the connectors needed to finish the job and get a signal from point A to point B.

C2G offers both standard RG6 coaxial cable for RF, satellite and cable installations as well as RG59/U Coax +Power coaxial cable for closed circuit TV installations. Both are available in bulk rolls from 250ft up to 1,000ft and are sold with or without an installation kit.

C2G offers rolls of bulk networking cable for Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a up to 1,000ft. Available in either a PVC or Plenum jacket for in-wall installations, these networking cables come in blue, grey, red, white, yellow or green, depending on the type of networking cable needed.

C2G has the speaker wire and connectors needed to extend speakers away from their source up to 1,000ft! Standard wires are available in 12, 16 or 18 AWG types while our CL2 in-wall rated wires are available in 16/4, 16/2, 14/4, 14/2 and 12/2.

C2G offers bulk cable ties, mounts, clamps, and straps for daily use to organize and manage large groups of cables. We carry all the products you need in bulk quantities so that you’ll never be short on zip ties when you need them most.

C2G offers modular and telephone cable up to 1,000ft. and multi-conductor cable with up to 15 conductors at 1,000ft. We also have flat ribbon cable and connectors for PC applications. Use our DB 9, DB25, DB15 DB37 or DIN connectors to finish the job.

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